Hi, I’m Tamara and I love books, music, and exploring arts and artists of all disciplines. I make my living as a producer, journalist, editor, music business consultant and creative leadership coach.

I wrote a biography, Without Getting Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark, about the legendary songwriter. It almost killed me to finish it. Texas A&M University Press was kind enough to publish it and the book won the prestigious Belmont Award for the best writing on country music in 2016. Speaking of Guy, we’ve been producing a documentary film about his life and will finish in 2019 and hope to release the film in 2020. Yeah, I’ve been living in Guy Clark world for a long time.

Before that, I wrote a memoir, The Most Beautiful Girl: A True Story of a Dad, a Daughter and the Healing Power of Music. That one almost killed me, too. But, it was honored by the Chicago Review of Books Best Books of 2014 list and that made it almost worth it. It put my childhood demons to bed for good, too. A bonus.

Because I love to collaborate with cool and brilliant people I’ve been lucky enough to co-produce three GRAMMY-nominated albums, Kris Kristofferson’s The Cedar Creek Sessions in 2016, This One’s For Him: A Tribute To Guy Clark (which won the 2012 Americana Music Association’s Album of the Year Award) and Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster, which actually won the GRAMMY in 2004.

I co-produced more albums, with other cool people, including 2017’s Red Hot: A Memphis Celebration of Sun Records as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne in 2014, and The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson in 2006.

I’ve worked for myself for 17 years. In my last staff job in the early 2000s, as the operations manager at Great American Country cable network, I produced two television shows about country music. Before that, I was Managing Editor of Country Music Magazine. Before that I worked at Capitol Records Nashville and before that I worked in radio at the now defunct Sundance Broadcasting, the best company in the world. Seriously, the mission statement was The Most Fun Wins. It spoiled me and has made it difficult for me to put up with bullshit and company politics. I’ve adopted the mission statement for my own life. I mean, right? The Most Fun Wins. Who wouldn’t want to live that mantra?

I grew up in Wisconsin, splitting time between St. Francis, a small Milwaukee suburb on the shores of Lake Michigan, and in the Northwoods near Eagle River. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1995. I started my own business in 2002 with Kris Kristofferson as my first client. (I know. Believe me, I know).

Now I go back and forth between Nashville and Austin, Texas.  In Austin, I direct ALL ATX Leadership, a leadership program we created in 2017 to build a stronger and more connected creative class in Austin and the surrounding areas.  Learn more at allatxleadership.org.

If you’d like to hire me as a producer or consultant for your event or project, or as a life coach, or to teach creative writing to your staff, or anything else we can dream up you can reach me at TSaviano61@mac.com.

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