Kris Kristofferson

“Tamara Saviano is an intelligent, clear-eyed, no-nonsense professional who is a pleasure to work with and a reliable partner to have on your side.”

—Kris Kristofferson (artist)

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Kerry O’Neil

“Tamara Saviano is one of the most talented indie managers, label consultants and PR people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A gifted entrepreneur herself, I can think of no one better to speak to the independent artist community to help them navigate these often difficult waters.”

Kerry O’Neil, co-owner of Big Yellow Dog Music (Multiple Grammy winning music publisher)

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Gretchen Peters

“Tamara Saviano embodies the best combination of passion and clear-eyed objectivity. I entrusted my most personal album Burnt Toast and Offerings to her and she ‘got it’ in every sense of the word and made it her mission to get it to the rest of the world. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

—Gretchen Peters (artist)

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Gene Watson

“In 2012 to celebrate my 50th year in the music business, I released a newly recorded album of 25 Greatest Hits. In all my years of singing, I’d never released an independent album and had no clue how to do it. With Tamara’s excellent guidance, she explained how it was done, set me up with an independent distributor, handled all my publicity and generally acted as an all-in-one record label staff for me.  The release was extremely successful and I couldn’t have been more pleased with Tamara’s work on my behalf.

—Gene Watson (artist)

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Radney Foster

“Tamara Saviano is not only a tremendous manager and publicist with the connections to get your music heard and promoted, she has the ability to help artists see the big picture and come up with a plan.  Plus, she is one of my favorite people to hang out with.”

—Radney Foster (artist)

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David Macias

“If you’ve got an artistically meritous project, I can’t think of anyone that I’d rather have as an advocate to the press than Tamara. She planned and implemented the media campaigns for two of our top selling projects, Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster and Beth Nielsen Chapman’s Hymns. Whenever you invest money in a publicist, you hope you can feel the difference on Soundscan. Using that as a gauge, I think we underpaid her.”

—David Macias, Thirty Tigers (Record Label, music marketing company)

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Paul Roper

“Tamara is a professional in every sense of the word. Set-up, execution and results. We’ve worked together with Guy Clark’s Workbench Songs and Somedays The Song Writes You. Both campaigns culminated with GRAMMY nominations. Enough said.”

—Paul Roper, Dualtone Music Group (Record Label)

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